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Company & Vision

Our company has been working in the lighting industry for over 8 years and we have always provided reliable solutions to our customers. In 2012 we have moved up to offer quality products and reliable solutions in the LED industry. Today LED Lighting Designs is a fast growing company. We have recently established a showroom and shop front in Sydney. This is to better serve growing customer demands in the LED industry. This showroom and shop front is there to serve all of retail customers needs as well as wholesales demands of electrician and design companies.

We are striving to set a standard of excellence in all avenues of our business. Stating this is an effort to hold LED Lighting Designs accountable to our customers that we will stand behind our products, our services, and our name. It is this very high standard that has led us to fully understand that customer service starts from engineering, then design, then performance, reliability, delivery, communication, packaging, support, and sustainability. When most companies reach a point of complacency we believe that we can do better. So we will because this is customer service to us. All of LED Lighting Designs products are assembled and designed around simple installation and simple maintenance.

Products & Pricing

All our premium range products go through strict thorough age testing for 48 hours before leave the factory. They are then sent to our office in China were they are tested again by one of our workers before sent here. This is why we can offer a 2 and 3 year warranty on these products.

Before we put any products on our shelves we will make sure they meet all the customer requirements. If these requirements are not met we will not sell the product. We have tested over 5000 led lights before we have found the correct lights that will meet all expectations. This is for all our premium range products.

LED Lighting Designs are proud distributors for Domus lighting, Sunny lighting, Martec, CLA lighting, Atom Lighting   and Verbatim LED. If you would like to get a quote on any products from these companies please visit their web sites and provide us with the item numbers and description and we will provide you with a competitive quote. If you already have pricing for these items please provide us with a copy of your quotation and we will guarantee to beat the price.



LED Lighting designs is an Australian Registered company.

Our ABN No is: 17152333296